Quote of the week - Jan 04 2013

" The monsters don’t quite care if you believe in them or not, they would gobble you up just the same."
- Grace

Friday, May 15, 2015

Yes, blogger had locked me out of posting...

But that's not why I haven't posted in over a year.

Time flew away again.
 Or rather, I fell into an interdimensional hole where the passage of time does not occur normally... Who else has had that happen to them?

Anyway, bulletin-style updates:

 -  I finished In Dreams - the first one
 - Back on KDP (at least for Grace and Cameras, still figuring out what to do with In Dreams)
 - Proofing Vanishing Act
 - Finishing up Sun & Moon
 - Trying to remember where I put the kindlegen instructions...

Okay, that's it for the month. :)