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" The monsters don’t quite care if you believe in them or not, they would gobble you up just the same."
- Grace

Monday, August 20, 2012

Primeiro esboço... Draft number 3.0??

Welcome to the dark corner of my mind... where things inevitably get lost...

 Have you ever managed to lose something? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume the answer is yes... A pen, a phone number, even a phone, maybe... Can you lose a website, though? Not in the sense of having it erased or anything like that, but actually lost?
 The thing is, I have managed to do that, maybe even twice... In a classic example of how my memory is worth squat, I'm sure I had a blog out there on the web somewhere, but I forgot where it was, and then I might've started another one - and my memory is a little fuzz on whether I actually clicked on the "publish" icon on that one - and there goes my second try... So this is a draft, and hopefully, I won't lose this one as well. But if you stumble upon one of my earlier tries someday, please let me know. You might recognize it by the presence of a lot of "..." at the end of the phrases. :) Or a word or two in portuguese, depending on my mood at the time.

So thanks for stopping by and hope to have something else for you to read later on... And this time, I've left my equivalent of breadcrumbs to make it back here: a notation in a .txt file on my computer.

Make sure you have your umbrellas (no, it's not raining, but umbrellas are nice for hitting people over the head with. j/k).


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