Quote of the week - Jan 04 2013

" The monsters don’t quite care if you believe in them or not, they would gobble you up just the same."
- Grace

Friday, October 12, 2012

One month left to enter the giveaway!!

Dean was standing on a bridge, watching the river and wondering about the tides and how far they could drag a car...

And Elise was lying her way through yet another jam with little more than guts and a smile...

And then I realized we're halfway through October... And real life got in the way.

So those worlds and a few others are in a state of suspended animation for the moment, until I can get my dissertation done, and the couple of presentations, and the article rewrite... or just until the next time I need a break - or spend two hours at an airport.

Let's see if I have some news...
      Last break I had I tried starting a quotes page, but I still have to work on that.

and tell me how you think it's going, suggestions are appreciated! 

      Also, it finally seems like I have a proof-reader of sorts, though I think it's a book too late. Hopefully he's up for the task for a few more hundred pages or so... Wouldn't mind finding a beta-reader, though. Applicants please e-mail me. lol
       Almost finished the first draft for Vanishing Act, the second Smoke and Mirrors book, and the proof for Cameras Tell No Lies finally got in last week, but it's back home. I'll get to it, eventually. 

Oh, and there's still some time to enter the giveaway over at goodreads for the chance to win a copy of Grace!

And I'll see you all some time next week, maybe, when hopefully I'll have the real world stuff sorted out. (haha) Yeah, I know, I don't believe me either. ;)

Until then, Joss will still be playing with wooden swords in the meadows; and Louisa will be about to take that one step further into the dark forest... while Lise, Helena and Jadia all bicker in the corner about whether they're alive or not.

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  1. Marília,

    Estou visitando sua página virtual pela primeira vez.
    Estou mostrando o seu livro aqui no meu trabalho. Meu assistente ficou encantado com a encadernação e o enredo da história. Ele prometeu divulgar sua obra, que não sabemos, ainda, se será sua obra-prima, porque é cedo, e muitos livros ainda estão por vir. Esperemos o futuro para poder avaliar, the best.

    Virgínia Marques