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Monday, November 12, 2012

Farewell, goodreads giveaway counter...

Results are in!

The giveaway ended this morning (well, five in the morning at GMT -3 from what I could gather, I'm not sure what clock they go by)...

The counter is still sitting there - though now it just says the giveaway is ended... It's not counting anymore, and I'm gonna miss checking in every day and looking at the little numbers, hehe...

At least until the next book comes out and the next giveaway.

I've just finished arranging for the books to be sent to the respective winners. They're supposed to be arriving between Nov 29 and Jan 2, depending on the country...

I know arrival dates don't matter to a lot of people, but in my house, since we're never home, we always have stuff shipped to another address and then we kinda have to know when the package is coming in so we remember to go check if it arrived... And that explains why the proof for Cameras Tell No Lies sat on a desk somewhere for a couple of weeks before I even knew it was in the country. :)

(pseduo-P.S.: If you are one of the people waiting to receive the book and would like to know where it is, you can message me and I can give you the tracking number for the order if it exists - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, depending on the shipping company).

* * *
So, when I first signed up Grace for the giveaway at goodreads, I wasn't really thinking along the lines of: I hope a lot of people see it. Sure, that's part of it, but what I thought was the coolest aspect of the giveaway was getting to send your book to all these different places... I clicked all the countries they let me click, and kept my fingers crossed that the little brick-wannabies (my books - vulgo/aka: tijolinho) would get to go to places I'd never been to.

So, can I do a happy dance, now?

I'm not sure if there's some rule about not telling anyone where the books are going, country-wise, but I checked the terms and conditions and saw nothing against it.
Two are going to the US (southeast and northwest). One of them is actually gonna land pretty close to where a friend of mine lives. :)
 One is going to Bulgaria... One to Lithuania... And one all the way to Indonesia... and that's farther than I've ever been. Also, I went to look up the regions in a map and actually learned a thing or two today
See? How cool is that?

I'm probably more excited about having the books shipped than the people who are getting them... But that's okay... And that's totally awesome. Now I'm just being silly, I know, quoting stuff that people my age shouldn't be quoting, but I really am very happy...

As for what happens when the books arrive at their destination, I hope whoever gets them enjoys reading them at least half as much as I enjoyed writing the story.
Bon voyage, tijolinhos! Boldly going where no tijolinho has gone before... 

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  1. now you lost me on the "giveaway" thing. rs.
    But anyway, I believe I understand most of it. Very happy for you and your tijolinho. Hahaha.