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" The monsters don’t quite care if you believe in them or not, they would gobble you up just the same."
- Grace

Monday, November 26, 2012

C'era una volta...

hehe, learned that this weekend... who says TV can't teach you anything?

* * *

So, once upon a time (aka 14 days ago - wow, 14 already?), five Graces set out to travel around the world... Hm, but not real people named Grace, though I'm sure there are a lot of people named Grace traveling around the world right now...

But anyway, I'm talking about the books given away with the goodreads giveaway (and I'll miss seeing that little counter there on the right on my blog page every day). The fact that the leftover would-be counter is still there is a testament of either my aversion to change or my laziness... or maybe just the fact that I think it looks pretty...

Thanks to tracking services, I can see that at least three of them went the right way... It was less confusing than following the tracking info for the ones that were supposed to be delivered to me. Those took a detour to the southeast of Brazil before coming back up... 

Have a nice travel little books - if you're still traveling, and I hope you all get welcomed by good readers. ;)
(Yes, that was my attempt at a pun with the name of the site where they were offered. I know, I should not try comedy...)

Oh, and I hadn't noticed until now that I was supposed to click on the "I have sent these books" button over at goodreads... sorry to whoever that would've been meant to be seen by... ???

 * * *

In other non-related, not-really-news type of news:
    Decided to skip Stargazer and started polishing up the first book in the In Dreams series... Why? Less things that need to occupy my mind simultaneously when compared to Stargazer... Let's face it, right now, with all my real life deadlines, I'm lucky if I know which day of the week it is...
    I am almost halfway through re-reading the proof for Cameras Tell No Lies. If halfway is page 60 of 211. ;) I'm hoping I can get it done before the end of the year just because I don't wanna change the year that I wrote down at the bottom of the copyright page... And we're back to the aversion to change vs. laziness bit... Don't ask my parents, they'll probably say it's the latter...

   So excuse me while I go get Sarah's interrogation started, and smack Jilly on the side of the head because she's being hysterical again... ;)

    And can someone please tell me why the ventral subarachnoid space is larger than the dorsal one? Is there even a reason for that? Geez... :P

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