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" The monsters don’t quite care if you believe in them or not, they would gobble you up just the same."
- Grace

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anyone uses Yahoo mail?

We interrupted this regularly *cough* scheduled *cough* blog for a rant on not being able to compose messages on yahoo for the last couple of days... since their new and improved, faster and better version, to be exact...

If you're using yahoo as a mail provider, you've probably noticed that it's gotten everything that's wrong with gmail, and made it worse!

Some people are saying it started off that way and now it works... Hasn't worked for me and about countless other users since friday, though, and yahoo stopped answering their customer service thinguie as far as I'm concerned ... maybe they don't know what's wrong, either??

So, here's a few of my personal conspiracy theories on that:

- Conspiracy theory # 1:

    Yahoo got word that skynet is coming and is waging a private war against all computers - and consequently, all computer users....

- Cospiracy theory #2:
     You may have noticed that you're still able to send out messages from your phones, but not from your computers, so that would indicate that some major phone making company is bribing the folks over at yahoo to make it so we can't use our emails from our computers and we have to use it from our phones, consequently, we need the modern phones that have all those cool apps and whatnot... Thus: sales increase. ;)

- Conspiracy theory #3:

     Maybe yahoo is in cahoots with some specific browser design people, and thus their email only works with that specific browser... All I can say is it's not firefox and it's not the latest google chrome, bc I tried both and the email still won't work. :) Maybe it's supposed to send us back to iexplorer? That would be a plot to take over the world right there, I guess...

- Conspiracy theory # 4:

   Someone from a rival email service took over yahoo mail on friday and started a hate yahoo campaign by making it so incredibly difficult and frustrating to use our emails... Next step: they'll "accidentally" lose all our saved emails. You have been warned.

-Conspiracy theory # 5:

     They're selectively cutting off some of us users by some sort of standard... Maybe those of us who never accessed their emails on their phones?? I don't know... Whatever it is, I'm on the out group... Maybe they're cutting off anyone who's used it since the last century. :)

... You know, I love conspiracy theories. Like a lot of the stuff I love, like dragons and magic, doesn't mean I believe them, but I still love 'em, hahaha.
 Have you got any conspiracy theories?

Which do you think would be the best one?

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