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" The monsters don’t quite care if you believe in them or not, they would gobble you up just the same."
- Grace

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easily entertained, that's me...

Just give me a pen and paper or maybe an ice cream cone, and I'm happy... Also, I love learning new things, even if it's silly. It's just part of me, I guess...

I wanted a little progress bar ever since I saw one on a page somewhere (day before last), marking the progress of how many books someone had read... And I thought, well, why can't I have a progress bar that has how many pages I've written or read? And that's when I started obsessing with it, and after a few dead ends that involved having to download stuff, I finally found a place that explained how to get my very own progress bar!!

So that's part of what made me happy. That and the fact that I pulled it apart and changed it so it was what I wanted...The only bad thing is I have to keep calculating percentages every time I have to update it, but at least that's gonna distract me. That's maybe what I was missing about the goodreads counter - yep, still mourning the fact that it died. The numbers were always changing, so it was always a fluid thing...

See? I'm very easily entertained.  Might be the reason I get along so well with children between 4 and 6. Something of a similar mentality, haha.

I also found the quote I had to find about which part of the subarachnoid space was wider... But if there's a why behind it, it still eludes me... And it's really bugging me, probably more than it should.

I'm not sure if I'm mentioned this, but I'm gonna be staying another four years where I currently live... And that's a mixed feelings type of situation. ;)

Hm, did I just ramble? I'm not entirely sure, which probably means I did.

* * *

   Well, let me try and see if I can get Pegasus through his doctor's appointment without him and Bella strangling each other... I swear I didn't set out to make him annoy her so much, but I just can't seem to help it. Anyone have similar problems?
   And Robyn should probably get some sleep... which is advice I should also take for myself, hehe.

Good night and until next time, by which time I will have hopefully discovered how a small airplane crashes without killing everyone aboard. :) Pleasant dreams.

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